Electoral Rights for Third-Country Nationals in Europe - The EP-AFCO Report
Professor Derek Hutcheson´s presentation from March 2014 on the results of a study called "Franchise and electoral participation of third country citizens residing the European Union and of EU citizens residing in third countries" made for the European Parliament....(more)
Presentation of voting practices in Malmö
Look at a Malmö Stad powerpoint presentation on access to voting rights and different promotion actions to bring voters to the ballot boxes....(more)
Malmö’s Path Towards a Sustainable Future
Here you can find the Malmö city strategy of a sustainable development in the sectors of health, welfare and justice. The strategy was drafted by the Commission for a Socially Sustainable Malmö in December 2013....(more)
Multiculturalism and welfare state integration Swedish model path dependency
Author Karin Borevi offers an excellent overview of the Swedish integration policy from history to the present time....(more)
Analysis of electoral rights for third country nationals in Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden
OPU released a publication on political participation of immigrants in 9 EU MS
OPU released, in frame of the project Fostering Political Participation and Policy Involvement of Immigrants in 9 Central and Eastern EU Countries, a publication on political participation of immigrants in 9 EU Member States with good practices examples from another 8 EU Member States....(more)