Seimas does not want alien parties in Lithuania
The Seimas is not inclined to open the doors to nationals of the European Union (EU) Member States to participate in the activities of parties. Members of Parliament critical of the project asserted that  EU nationals currently have sufficient voting rights. On Thursday, after the presentation, members of Parliament did not vote in favour of the amendments to the Law on Political Parties; 41 members of Parliament voted for, 16 were against, and 26 abstained. The amendments stated that the political parties unite the citizens of Lithuania and nationals of other European Union Member States who reside permanently in Lithuania for the implementation of common political goals, and help form and express the interests and political will of these individuals. Read more at http://www.lrytas.l...(more)
More than 200 aliens residing in Lithuania express the wish to vote in elections to the EP
A total of 229 aliens have expressed their wish to vote for candidates of Lithuanian political parties in the elections to the European Parliament. According to reports in the daily Lietuvos Žinios, these included nationals of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Read more at
Suggestion to allow foreigners establish parties taken sceptically
Already rejected once and returned for improvement, the draft law concerning permission for citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as all citizens of the European Union to join or establish parties was again received sceptically. This law is being drafted in accordance with the requirement of the European Commission to provide equal opportunities for all citizens of the EU to take part in local elections as well as elections to the European Parliament. The suggestion to allow all citizens of the EU who are permanent residents of Lithuania to become members or founders of parties is not completely approved of even by the Minister of Justice Juozas Bernatonis, who runs the institution assigned to improve the draft law, which was returned by the Seimas in April last year. Read more at...(more)
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