Advocacy week in Brussels on participation of immigrants in public life

A delegation of four experts from Central Europe  - Martin Rozumek (OPU, Czech Republic), Karolis Zibas (Lithuanian Red Cross), Nikolaj Tomaž Benedik (Slovene Filanthropy, Slovenia) and Marcell Lörincz (Foundation of Subjective Values, Hungary) - met 9 Members of the European Parliament including the Vice-President of the Parliament Ms. Guillaume, the European Commission, Council of Europe Brussels´ office, Solidar, Enar, ECRE, etc. last week. The group described the exploitation of immigrants in Central Europe by public policies at the labour market, in commercial health insurance schemes, and urged the politicians and experts in Brussels to focus on better participation and integration of immigrants in public life. "Integration and participation of immigrants must not be forgotten in current important debates on the situation in the Mediterranean. It is hard to advocate for any refugee quotas or distribution key within the European Union, if at the same time the quality of asylum decisions, the rules of family reunification and the prospects of successful integration vary that much among the EU Member States"  said Martin Rozumek, OPU Director, who also attended the session of the LIBE Commitee last week dealing with the crisis in the Mediterranean. Attached you will find some pictures from the advocacy week in Brussels and the EP Resolution on the Mediterranean from 28 April 2015.