Study visit in San Sebastian on participation of immigrants in public life

SOS Racismo Mugak in cooperation with OPU introduces to 28 experts from 9 EU countries different models of cooperation between municipalities and migrant/refugee associations during a study visit taking place in San Sebastian on 9 and 10 February. Participants from different state, municipal and NGO bodies can closely observe a model of direct democracy and inclusion of immigrants in public life in the city of San Sebastian. Representatives from different municipal institutions including the Mayor of San Sebastian, experts from migrant associations like Esperanza Latina, Bidez Bide, Amher and others share their good experience with immigrants´ participation in the city life. Regrettably, the contrast between the inclusive policy in Sen Sebastian and the repressive exclusion policies of the Czech state is large. The study visit is co-financed by the European Union.

AMHER: Aminata Diop, Felix Etxeberria, Lucía Arias
Tolosaldea Garatzen. Kristina Morales
Amher, Esperanza Latina, Bidez Bide
AMHER: Aminata Diop, Felix Etxeberria, Lucía Arias
Esperanza Latina: Estela